Club Terms

Club Terms

Club Terms


Windsor Judo Club aims to teach Judo in a safe and controlled environment; however, Judo is a full contact sport and sometimes injuries do occur.  As such Windsor Judo Club cannot be held responsible for accidents and injuries. Participants should consider taking out suitable insurance to cover any potential financial vulnerabilities.

Acceptance of terms, provides confirmation that participants are sufficiently fit/healthy to practice  judo. Parents of child participants and adult participants are responsible for informing the club and class coach as appropriate of any relevant medical conditions and to bring any required medication to class (e.g. Asthma pumps, EpiPen’s).

In accordance with British Judo Association rules, Windsor Judo Club requires all participants to have a judo license for insurance and safety purposes. Students trying Judo must buy a license after their 4th lesson at the latest. 


Parents are welcome to stay and watch during Judo lessons and if you leave your child at Windsor Judo Club the instructors become what is known as 'loco parentis' and are required to behave as a responsible parent would. All parents should note the following:

We request that all children are dropped off and collected from the hall for their safety. If you wish your child two walk home or to the car alone, please notify us of your arrangement.

Judo instructors are all required to complete child protection courses and hold enhanced DBS checks. However, if you are concerned about the welfare of your child, please contact the club welfare officer Nick Fletcher in club or email [email protected]

Parents are always welcome to watch classes providing they do not interrupt the lesson.

Windsor Judo Club may occasionally take and use photos of students at judo in local press articles or on our website and Facebook page. Any photos will be published in line with the latest NSPCC guidance. If you do not consent to your photo or your child’s photo being used for this purpose you must inform the session coach or email [email protected].

All members must agree to the following club rules:

  • -No footwear to be worn on the mat. Footwear must be worn off the mat. This is a hygiene requirement.
  • -No changing in the dojo. Players should arrive dressed in their Judo suit (GI) or uses the appropriate male / female changing areas.
  • -All players must have short finger and toenails and all long hair tied back with a metal free band
  • -All suits should be clean, those without suits should arrive in tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt without zippers / buttons.


Players and Parents are responsible for providing up to date contact details so please let us know if you move or change numbers.

Further information may be found at and

Training fees should be paid promptly when they become due. We will deal discreetly and empathetically with participants and families who may experience difficulty with payments. Please speak to your coach in the first instance or email [email protected].