Welcome to the Vibrant Community at Chelmsford Table Tennis Club!

Discover the Pulse of Table Tennis Excellence Right Here in Chelmsford!

Chelmsford Table Tennis Club stands as a beacon of excellence and camaraderie in the world of table tennis. Proudly positioned as one of the largest and most vibrant table tennis clubs nationwide, we have cultivated a community where passion meets sportsmanship, and skill meets opportunity.

Back in January 2020, before the unforeseen pause, our club was bustling with activity, boasting 10 formidable adult teams and 17 enthusiastic junior teams, each ready to carve their mark in the various divisions of the Chelmsford Table Tennis League and Junior League. Now, as we embrace a fresh start, our spirit is as resolute and dynamic as ever, promising renewed energy and unmatched zeal on the court.

Your Week, Enriched with Table Tennis!

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of spins, rallies, and exhilarating victories at our club nights every Monday and Friday. For those keen on honing their skills further, we offer additional practice sessions on Sunday afternoons, providing the perfect opportunity to refine your techniques and strategies.

Join the Fraternity, Embrace the Sport!

At Chelmsford Table Tennis Club, we believe in inclusivity and fostering talent at all levels. Whether you're an experienced player aiming for the leagues or a beginner finding your footing, we open our doors to all. New members, guests, and juniors keen on elevating their game through expert coaching are welcomed with open arms. No matter your playing standard, there's a place for you here, where you can grow, learn, and thrive in a nurturing environment.

Join us and become part of a legacy where every game is a celebration of sport, camaraderie, and the undying spirit of table tennis.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Chelmsford Table Tennis Club!

Open Play
14:00 - 16:45
Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre, CM1 2EH
Chelmsford TTC
Open Junior Coaching (all levels)
18:05 - 19:20
Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre, CM1 2EH
Junior Coaching (all)
Performance Squad
18:15 - 20:45
Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre, CM1 2EH
Performance Squad
Open Play + Coaching Combo
All day
Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre, CM1 2EH
Junior Coaching (all) and Performance Squad
Open Play
18:45 - 21:45
Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre, CM1 2EH
Chelmsford TTC
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