VolleyLiga damer

We are always welcoming foreign players, that want to improve as volleyballplayers and be part of a good practice environment.

We have had many foreign players the last 20 years and the team language is actually English.

If you are studying, working or just in Denmark for fun, then feel free to contact us to come by for practice.

We practice 5 times a week in Holtehallen (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and play games regularly.
We have strengthening facilities in connection to our gym.

You will need to have a certain level to participate, but you don't have to be a fulltime player.
You are able to join the team as a practice player for 2 or more practices pr week.

If you want to play games, then there are certain deadlines to be met and fees to different federations to be paid. 

All the above will rely on an individual assessment.

If you are interested then contact head coach Sven-Erik Lauridsen by mail [email protected].